The museum  
      In 1936 the Frankfurt Airport (Flug- und Luftschiffhafen Rhein-Main) opend. Immediately, the transatlantic flights with the Zeppelin airships started from here. Thus, the "Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei" (so to say the German Zeppelin Airline) built the residential estate Zeppelinheim for the ground and flight crew in direct neighborhood of their new working place. The former crew residential estate Zeppelinheim is today a suburb of Neu-Isenburg.  


      In 1977 former airshipmen and Zeppelin enthusiasts found the Association "Zeppelin-Kameradschaft". Since that time they collected extra-ordinary pieces on the history of Zeppelin airships , to present them in an own museum. After presenting pieces of the collection for the first time to the public in a room of the community center in the end of the 1970s, finally the Zeppelin-Museum Zeppelinheim opened in 1988 housed in an individual building next to the community center. The building concept is based on the design of Zeppelin airship "LZ 10". The round roof-structure, which corresponds to a quarter section of the Zeppelin, impressively gives an idea of the size of the "giants of the sky".
      The Association "Zeppelin-Kameradschaft Zeppelinheim" changed their name to „Verein für Zeppelin-Luftschiffahrt Zeppelinheim e.V.“ (Association for Zeppelin-Airship Aviation Zeppelinheim) and is to be seen as an association for airhip enthusiasts and friends of airships and the Zeppelin-Museum Zeppelinheim, which are interested in keeping the history about the Zeppelin airships alive. The association is always open to new members! For further information please visit the website of the association:
The city of Neu-Isenburg and the association together are the funding body of the Zeppelin-Museum, sharing the responsibilities for the institution.
  The permanent exhibition  
      The "Zeppelins" are still fascinating many people. The permanent exhibition of the Zeppelin-Museum Zeppelinheim recreates the aera of the great Zeppelins. In the 1920s and 1930s the high society was travelling to North and South Amerika by airship. First class ambience and service, together with luxury china and silver, meals and drinks à la carte had been served. Beside the comfortable board equipment there is also up for display a section of the promenade deck of the "Hindenburg", which had been reconstructed in the museum with a view on Rio de Janeiro.  
Reconstruction of a part of the passenger deck of LZ 129
Guests at the windows of the promenade deck in the saloon of LZ 129

Scale models of Zeppelin airships, a Maybach engine of LZ 127, a ladder connecting the ship with the engine gondola as well as many other technical exhibits are demonstrating the exciting development of the Zeppelin airships. Also a sad part is being shown: The Desaster of the Lakehurst on May 6th, 1937. The destruction of LZ 129 "Hindenburg" herald the end of the the giants of the sky.

Main hall with scale models
China of the Deutschen Zeppelin Reederei
Maybach engine Type VL2